Hernan R. Melgarejo
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
M: 210.367.2000

Since I was very young, my mother ingrained in me, ownership. I remember as a small child telling my mother when are we going to have a home. In a short time, thereafter, my mother bought a townhouse in South Florida and me and my brother finally lived in a home with a backyard. I studied Sciences in Florida but always had a love for business and ownership. I graduated from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Fl. and finished my Bachelor's degree in Biology. I then served my country, U.S.A., as an Officer in the U.S. Navy trained by the U.S. Marines for 2 years and then headed out to Texas. Once in Texas, I did one year Master's in Cytogenetics and landed my first stable well paying job in a lab and then bought my first home in San Antonio, Texas. While in Texas, I did other requisites to apply to Podiatric Medicine and interviewed in NYC and Miami. I had no one in NYC and it was a no-brainer and chose NYC to do my career in Medicine. As a freshman in Medical school, I sought to own a home or condo in NYC but had no income to qualify. Once I graduated as a Podiatrist, I bought my first condo in New Jersey, across the bridge for a good price. As I practiced Medicine in NYC and NJ, I realized my other love which is real estate and sought to get my New York Real Estate license 2 years ago. I have been juggling both careers both in Medicine and Real estate and believe a home is one of our greatest assets and achievements. I am a landlord, owner, and now a licensed real estate salesperson and ready to assist you in making your dreams come true. Mine have.

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Languages Spoken:    English, Spanish