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How can classic marketing phrases help the realtor?

Classic marketing phrases can help you, the realtor, attract more customers and close more deals with your real estate company.

That’s because, although innovating and adopting new marketing actions in their daily lives can help the realtor to leverage their sales, the “classic” can also be put to good use, isn’t it?

But this doesn’t even mean that you need to follow something fixed and always “equal”, from start to finish. In fact, it is possible to innovate a lot and reuse consolidated strategies in the real estate market.

If you find this task complicated, how about getting inspired by the big names in marketing? Following in the footsteps of those who have already achieved success is a great idea. Here, you just need to adapt their ideas to the reality of your business.

To help the realtor, we’ve listed six classic marketing phrases that can be adapted to the real estate market reality. Check out:

Classic Marketing Phrases: Knowing Your Customers Can Help the Realtor

“The goal of marketing is to know and understand the consumer so well that the product or service molds itself to him and sells itself” – Peter Drucker

With easy access to information, all it takes is a quick internet search for customers to know everything about the reputation of a real estate agent or a broker and know dozens of advertisements. All this before actually getting in touch.

In practice, this means that the work of the realtor does not only occur when the consumer decides to buy or rent a property. Therefore, the broker needs to know this new customer profile and present him with differentiated information. It is necessary to conquer it and not just present real estate options.

After all, remember that each person is unique and has their own dreams and goals. Therefore, using standard ways to sell a property can turn away a large buyer. Therefore, know how to recognize and understand your customers, in order to seek the best solutions for them.

In this sense, the use of a real estate CRM becomes indispensable. In it, the realtor checks all customer data and thus offers their products and services more assertively.

Being in the shoes of your customers is one of the classic marketing phrases

“Marketing is psychology. Above all, you need to study your customers, and the best way to study is to put yourself in their shoes”. – Thales Valentine

We have already identified that today’s customer is very demanding. Before even contacting the broker, the client has already gone through part of the negotiation process alone. He has already researched the neighborhood, compared prices of similar properties and verified the ease of payment.

Therefore, the realtor must be increasingly able to receive this audience and identify their desires in order to meet them. Knowing that customers have a lot of data at hand, try to surprise them with other relevant information as well.

Basically, developing empathy is one of the ways to create good phrases to attract real estate clients, for example. After all, when we put ourselves in the other person’s shoes and start watching things through “other people’s eyes”, we understand the adversities of the other person’s daily life and can find good solutions in the face of objections.

So, before simply using the classic marketing phrases we are quoting in this text, remember that all of this must always be adapted to your reality, right?

Professionalism is the keyword to create phrases about real estate and make good ads

“Even if you sell barbecue grills on the college’s doorstep, reach a level of professionalism in your business so that customers see value.” 

Realtor has to study, yes. If you’ve been working for years in the real estate market and believe that this is enough to keep up with the competition, it’s best to review your concepts.

The broker must at all times show his value to the potential customer. Understanding the real estate market as a whole, seeking new technological solutions and providing options that fit the client’s dream are the path to success.

Stay on top of all the news in the real estate market and use this knowledge as a springboard for your success.

Building a good reputation is key to attracting customers

“The best way to find your customer is to be found by them.” – Conrad Adolphe

The competition is huge, we already know that. So how do you stay in the spotlight? Use the internet to your advantage. When creating your real estate website, put good SEO practices into action. So, you stand out in search engines like Google.

On your real estate website, in addition to promoting real estate, try to create relevant content for your target audience. To gain the trust of your visitors, leave a comment section from customers who have already closed deals with you.

Another way to be easily found is to be present on the main social networks. How about using vile Imo’s social integration tool? In it, you create a post and publish it on all social networks at once. More practical and faster, isn’t it?

Getting up from your chair and going out into the street can help the realtor

“If you want to understand how lion hunts, don’t go to the zoo. Go to the jungle”. 

Do not expect to sell properties only within the real estate agency. Circulate, search for people and connect with your clients outside the office.

In fact, the best way to capture real estate is just walking through the streets. So, you talk to landlords, janitors and landlords. By building that relationship with them, you learn firsthand of a new business opportunity. Anyway, be present where the action takes place.

After all, always remember that saying that those who are not seen are not remembered… So, be present and show yourself as someone who is always around, ready to solve potential problems for your customers and find relevant solutions for the day their day.

The customer is always the priority when we think about service and sales

“Make a customer, not a sale”. 

Nobody needs to buy or rent a house every six months. On the other hand, it is a mistake to abandon a customer who has just closed a deal with you.

Here, the ideal is to invest in the after-sales process. This makes it easier for him to indicate his services to someone. Or, in a few years’ time, when he needs it, he’ll come to you first. In summary, never forget the customer, even if he has already closed the purchase of a property.

So, don’t treat the person just like another contract that you’ve closed… But, yes, see him as someone with dreams, desires and desires, and give him the most appropriate solution for the case.

Now it’s up to you! Put theory into practice and good sales!


Classic marketing phrases can help you, the realtor, attract more customers and close more deals with your real estate company. That’s because, although innovating and adopting new marketing actions in their daily lives can help the realtor to leverage their sales, the “classic” can also be put to good use, isn’t it? But this doesn’t…